B-Body New Hemi Swap - Conversion Kits

This new Hemi swap kit will be a bolt in for 1966-72 B-Bodies, and 1973-74 B-Bodies with the spool style mount. The components can also be used on earlier cars but there maybe some clearance issues and some minor modifications maybe needed for the install. All Kits are divided by fuel induction used then by transmission type.

We offer two primary types, one is OEM based plug and play system, and the other is a fully programmable for VERY high horsepower, or race applications. The kits listed here will work with the 5.7 and 6.1 HEMI.

We can accommodate as much horsepower as you want to make and manage. These kits are tuned for relatively stock motors, but we can custom tune them for your application. Please call with any questions.

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