Plum Floored Project Cars

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner "Darkrunner"

This car was built to see how far one could take a 1969 Road Runner on the original chassis. The car started life a lowly green on green 383 Road Runner coupe. During its transformation the torsions bars were replaced with a RMS Alterkation front suspension featuring rack and pinion steering and Air Ride Technologies Shockwaves. The rear suspension lost its leaf springs and solid axle for a Independent Rear Suspension from a LX and Air Ride bags. The long gone 383 was replaced with a Vortech Supercharged 3g 6.1 Hemi that was stroked to 7.0 (426 c.i.d.). The 727 torqueflite 3spd automatic was replaced with 5spd NAG1 autostick controlled automatic. The mechanical modifications combined with the incredible bodywork performed by Steve Enochs of Paintshop101, worked together to create the ultimate Road Runner, the Dark Runner.

Engine: 426 (7.0 liter) HEMI built on the architecture of the SRT-8 6.1 liter Gen III Hemi by POWER PORTED PERFORMANCE. Force feeding this motor is a VORTECH Supercharger system running between 12-16 pounds of intercooled boost. This combination should produce in the neighborhood of 900 h.p.

Body: Conceptualized by Plum Floored Creations all body mods were performed by the Muscle Rod Shop. The car features a heavily modified Air Grabber hood, rear quarters have been built and additional 2 inches per side and side sills that lower and that emphasize body lines. Front and rear bumpers, sectioned, chopped, and channeled. The front fascia received an integrated front spoiler and fog lights. Panel replacement was performed with pieces from Year One. Wheel well openings are raised both front and rear to avoid skirting the rims. Side drip rail moldings have been removed and the door handles recessed. The front grill has been sunk back into the body to give the car a more menacing appearance. All fasteners upgraded to stainless steel from MMS & Accessories, Inc.

dark runner

1963 Plymouth Fury 6.1L Hemi

This 1963 Plymouth Fury was converted from a 361 cruiser, to a 425 H.P. Screamer. The tired small block was pulled and replaced with a fresh 5.7 HEMI, running an Inertia Motorsports custom grind camshaft, and a 6.1 intake installed with the use of custom spacers. The original push buttons were maintained by using a 1965 727A torqueflite. A Hughes Performance 2600 stall torque converter was installed to further liven things up. The car was completed in time for SEMA and was chosen by Barry Meguiar for feature on his show, CAR CRAZY.

plymouth fury

new hemi plymouth fury

1970 "Mutant Bee" 6.1L Hemi

1970 Super Bee that we call the "Mutant Bee" featuring exaggerated custom body work and a fine tuned 3rd Generation 6.1L Hemi and 6 speed manual transmission. Modern suspension components and frame upgrades combined with Willwood performance disc brakes make this car a contender against any modern muscle.

70 superbee










superbee new hemi

















1970 Dodge Coronet "Plumfloored" 6.1L Hemi

This Coronet was the car that gave us our name! This old B-body was jumpstarted with a modern Hemi transplant 6.1L with custom heads and cam producing around 600 horsepower. This motor is fed by eight 58mm throttle bodies for a unique sounds and light speed throttle response!

b body new hemi conversion









new hemi swaps